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Assorted 1:32 stuff I play with

Strombecker/MRRC Ferrari 362
An old Strombecker body on a newer MRRC Clubman chassis.

Aurora Corvette
An old static kit body on a Dave England brass chassis kit & Plafit Rabbit motor.

Lindberg Triumph TR3
Another old static kit body. This time on an MRRC brass Clubman chassis.

Airfix Triumph TR4A
A reissued static kit body on a vintage Atlas/Auto World chassis.

The Pink Kar 1:32 Bugatti.
This one has a Team Slot adapter and an SCX RX4 motor installed....rides on Road Monkey silicone tires.

Weird Jack (left) and Marty Ruiz racing vintage 1:32 cars down by the esses at Mid-Ohio during the 1:1 vintage races. The track is Marty's QuickStart folder using his Neon battery as power.