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Hotel Room Resin Chassis

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Elsewhere in this site you will see the basics of building what many of us call the Hotel Room Chassis. A great styrene chassis named thus because it can be built in the average Holiday Inn room with a knife and some glue, yet still provides the basis for a very cool slot car.....
But what if you want something even easier for building scale cars?

.....Building up complete chassis from scratch is not difficult, but it is also not as easy as using one that is readymade and adjustable for wheelbase. My goal with the H.R.R.C. was to provide a low-cost, reliable and quick-building adjustable wheelbase chassis.
.....The H.R.R.C. meets and exceeds it's design parameters. It is cast of a tough resin, has an adjustable wheelbase from 2.0" to 4.0", accepts most Mabuchi S can motors and clones (NC1, SUN, V12, Fly, etc), uses standard European running gear, snap-in fit for Scalextric guide flag, has integral body mounting positions and can be modifed easily.

Here is the chassis as intended for use under a vintage vacuformed Lister Corvette body. This one uses a SUN motor, Scalex gears and guide, my Road Monkeys silicone tires, and my own resin "Dunlop" wheels. The bearings are cast into the chassis and are formed from brass tubing. They are removable for replacement as well.

Same chassis upside down and from the rear

and other views

This is a Pattos Place vac body of a Holden FX mounted on another H.R.R.C. chassis. This time with a Ninco NC1 motor, Scalex gears and guide, piano wire axles, vintage Scalex front wheels and some aluminum set-screws on the rear.