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Wee Weird World Of Jack

Yes, in addition to 1/32 scale, I enjoy vintage HO!

Kick back and enjoy the of my dabblings, blasts from the past and present, plus other small stuff will be added in time....

Note: All my cars run my own "Black Hawks"silicone tires. Want some? Click here!

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Click on the thumbnails to view the cars in larger pictures.

Hot Rod Coupe.....

Hot Rod Roadster.....

Sunbeam Tiger..... Austin Healey 3000..... Ferrari "Dino"

50's Hot Rod Truck..... McLaren MkII

Jaguar XKE..... Mercedes roadster

Austin 1800..... Race Transporter..... MM Camaro "ala Weird"

MGB-GT..... Ferrari America

1:43 Renault 4CV..... 1:32 Go Kart