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The HRS Chassis

The HRS Chassis is a simple design using sheet styrene, some plastic glue, a knife to cut the stuff with and some imagination. The term HRS means: Hotel Room Stinson....yep, it's designed to be constructed on business trips in a hotel room to pass the time. Here are the basics, the rest is up to your own tastes and parts boxes.

.040" styrene sheet, Dr.E's Mystery Motor and lots of my own basement brew parts.......combined to make easy static kit conversions that really run! How well do they run? Well, the cars are designed to compete with the Ninco "Classic" series cars using the NC1 motor. They compete with those cars very well.

The basic chassis diagram

Here's a Monogram Cobra and the HRS chassis made for it. A Dr.E's Mystery Motor, some GOM "Minilite" wheels, piano wire axles, Scalextric gears and guide.

Here's a full shot of an "HRS" chassied (Airfix model kit body) Renault Dauphine. It uses the standard runnig gear fare for these cars; Mystery Motor, my own cast resin wheels (repros of Scalex FJ Coopers), piano wire axles, Scalex gears and guide.