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general junk that I am working on now

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. The "Gremmie Special"....RAT FINK in a USRRC Corvette on a G-Plus chassis. This is the car I built up for the final race of the 2003 Summer VRN-HO series 5 races. The class is G-Plus USRRC/CanAm. Since I cannot regain enough points to take first place again, and it doesn't look like anyone else can come up from third to bump me from second....I numbered it "2".
Rat Fink himself is a rough resin casting made off a 60's cheap plastic ring.
I am looking forward to just blasting around the track with this thing and not really worrying about it all....And everyone knows that "there's nothing worse than a Gremmie out of control!"

Here is a drawing of the new track I am working up now. The ultimate in "Crash'N'Burn" racing; a four-lane figure eight with a flat intersection. Imagine 4 T-Jet jalopies getting staggered out after a couple of laps......whoo-hoo.
The track is vintage Atlas. Inner curves are 12" radius, outer curves are 15" radius. The straights are 24" long total, bisecting each other to boot!! Straights are composed of two 9" pieces and two 3" crossings (times 2 for 4 lanes). Power will be from a 10 amp 12vdc supply (all the voltage you'll need for such a small track). Driver stations will be simple hookups for clips. No lane colors, since this is strictly a crash'n'burn track. The starting line will have lanes numbered. There will be no track aprons, only 3/4" walls on the outside edge of the curves. This track will not be for the faint of heart or the pure collector with a fear of scratching cars!!!
While it may look small here in the drawing, this track is 60" long and 30" wide.....with full 12" and 15" curves for opening up the throttles!!!! I'm thinking races like 4 MEV Original late 50's stockers t-boning each other for the win.

1940's Batmobile T-Jet: This is my resin reproduction of the JL diecast 1940's Batmobile. First photo is the finished car with the autogyro in the background, 2nd is bare casting, then side and front painted. Sits on a standard T-Jet chassis with front axle in the long position.

custom Lincoln Roadster: This is one of Giani (John) Berardinelli's fine resin castings. You can find Giani's cars on eBay listed under the seller name "gg32". This particular car is based on the Aurora Lincoln, with the rear restyled to give it a sleeker appearance.. I finished it up using a JL Cobra windscreen and mounted it on a Johnny Lightning chassis. It is very fast, it goes as fast as it looks. Pardon the bad shots, my camera batteries failed and I had to use the scanner for these.

People ask me what I usually race, if I am not racing Fray style cars? Well, here's an example. These are MEV Originals sedans, wheel wells radiused to allow the tires to be placed out as far on a stock axle as possible. Note that the tires still don't hang outside the bodies. I make a thin tire that fits inside the MEV fenders, but for racing I use the radiused bodies to get the most out of stock components. The only non-stock items are silicone tires and an MM Inc guidpin (not stock, it's longer than the Aurora pin was). Most of the MMM Inc sedans, the JL sedans, and RRR repro sedans are competitive in this same class....I just really enjoy racing a Catalina!

And here's the resin reproduction Atlas Pit building built up to match the original one.

Take that same resin building and put the Atlas "restaurant" on top of it, add an awning and you have a fair replica of the 60's Atlas "Control Tower"!! Easy conversion. This one is needing the tower "glass" installed still. Note: The cars in the photo are: (front) my own resin Sunbeam Tiger AFX, JB Custom Cruisers '54 Panel Van, MEV Orignals '63 Nova Wagon, Furulli Vicky and 32' Coupe.

An entire "pit row" made from my repro Atlas Pit buildings. In the fourth picture, the Austin 1800 sitting on top of the race hauler is a fully functioning T-Jet racer! It is smaller than the MEV Mini.