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Construction on the new layout is an ongoing thing. It's completely functional now.

The UnNamed Raceway - lots of 4-lane racing in minimal space.

Due to moving recently to a new Weird Jack habitat, I was forced to downsize my HO raceway's size. I had originally planned on going to 2 lanes and building the cool "RidgeRoute Raceway" layout, but I reconsidered that option and went down a different path.
I like having four lanes. One reason is that it gives me a good place to do tire testing....I can run them on the center lanes and not have to worry about apron handling. For another, I do like to race when my friends or sons and grandson come over.
The big issue: how to fit a four-lane raceway in a very small area and still have room to walk....also, how to reach the back of the track table if the track is not on casters.
Solution: make the table no more than two feet wide, make an L shaped table and use as much linear footage as I have. The layout is designed to fit compactly along two walls, 7 feet from one wall to the water heater and 5.5 feet down the other wall. With two controller station areas toward the end of each "wing".
Yes, it is small. And yes, the controller stations aren't spacious, but it all fits and functions very well. It works out to a lap length of 23 feet and 10 inches, on a 4-lane track that has mostly 12" radius outer and 9" radius inner curves (the overpass is 15"/12" radius). It's designed for stock T-Jets and Johnny Lightnings mostly. It is perfect for this purpose.
One added feature that can be seen in the third photo just coming out from the overpass is a custom "chicane". This is made by slicing three Atlas squeeze chicanes lengthwise, then reversing two lanes to make all four lanes veer off in the same direction..a true chicane. It adds a lot of interest every lap, but without that annoying squeeze action to worry over.
The next phase has begun already....scenery is slowly making it's way onto the layout. I'm trying to keep a feel of it being the scenery will be done in that era's styling. I really loved owning the old "MINI-TUBBIE", but I had to move and downsize things...and this new track is loads of fun!

the previous track: the "Mini-Tubbie"

What is a "Mini-Tubbie" you ask? Well, it combines the attributes of the wonderful vintage Aurora Tub Track with a layout that can be built in a smaller space. I've reduced the 12'x5' six-lane of the original fiberglass Aurora track to a 10'x4' four-lane layout. Here is a photo and a crude diagram of the layout. I have a lot of work left to do to finish it, but it is fully race-able now. On the right end the track is elevated up to 3.5", 2/3 of the way down the back straight it is also elevated to form a 2" hump. These elevations are a vital part of the original Tub Track design. The track pieces are vintage Atlas, with a few Lionel bits. All curves are 12" outer lanes and 9" inner lanes. Reed switches provide reliable sensing for the PC based "RaceTimer" race management program. Power is from FOUR vintage 18 volt Aurora Model Motoring transformers, one for each lane.