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Hot Rod Roadster

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Another Hot Rod..uh huh! This is another one of the standard T-Jet chassis rods. The body is a resin casting I made from a mold off an old Aurora beater. It's Vagabond 36XXX resin dyed with Testors flat yellow enamel. Engine, pipes, grille, and windscreen are from a Johnny Lightning diecast '32 HiBoy. The wheels are from an AFX car, front tires are my Bauer silicones, rear are my BU silicones.
Shown for comparision is a joke car I made up to razz my buddy about Fray cars. It shows that the wide wheeltrack doesn't necessarily look silly on certain looks natural on the '32 roadster...but it looks silly under the JL Vette! Both cars sit on identical wheels and tires....and wheeltrack.