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There are a lot of movies and TV shows with slot cars in them, usually a quick scene or two. Here are some of them.
I'll keep adding to this page as I find new scenes and sources.

According To Jim: Jim Belushi racing HO slots in "Jim's Best Friend"

All Of Us: Robert challenges Marcus in "Uncle Marcus Comes to Dinner"

BATMAN: The TV series featured in Model Car & Track magazine

BATMAN: Screen shots from the TV series Episode #94

Casino Royale: Sir James Bond comes out of retirement to take on SMERSH..

Driving Televison - "DTV" : Episode #203 / nice 3-lane 1/32 track.

Grand Prix : An HO size Monza track at the Monza race.

Home Improvement: Tim Allen races slot cars in "Much Ado About Nana"

The Incredibles: Mr Incredible and Dash running slot cars for about 2 seconds.

Kindergarten Cop: The bad guy beats down an innocent for his HO slot set.

Pulp Fiction: 1/24 track at Jackrabbit Slims

Redline 7000: Revell 1/32 track in a bar

Rider On The Rain: Short scene, nice cars, bad movie.

The Simpsons: One of the three Simpsons episodes with slot cars

Slap Shot: Hockey boys slot racing on the road, eh?

The Efficiency Expert (Spotswood): Anthony Hopkins racing 1/24 slot cars!

Thunder Alley: 3 seconds of Monogram slots in a bar